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About Me

Fighter. Business coach. Life enthusiast.

Hi! I’m Aleks.

My earliest memories are from cave divings and shark fishing in Muscat, Oman. I grew up living abroad, in a typical expat household. Both my parents are Norwegian, but I didn’t speak Norwegian at home before I was well into my teens. As other people who have grown up in a diverse society, I can testify to the richness of cultures you get exposed to. My nanny was a lovely Indian woman, my first best friend was from Sri Lanka, and one of my closest friends in my teens and to date is from Nigeria.



Being exposed to different ways of communicating, very early on, has led to my fascination with how we communicate and connect with people. And in an age where everyone from your CEO to your grandmother talks about digitalization, AI, killer robots and digital transformation, I think a lot of what we are missing is interhuman communication. As an example, how you communicate with a person from Arab descent is quite different to someone from Scandinavia. Social and cultural cues dictate how your message is percived.



Interhuman communication is also imperative in business. It’s what makes or breaks deals, negotiations, and on a smaller scale your own promotion. I love people and the diversity and differences in personalities. I’m passionate about helping people, teaching and learning, as I believe this gives meaning to life.

Martial Arts

I think martial arts embodies this conundrum. It is a reactive way of communicating. Not through spoken words, but of through subtle signs and body language. And it is as primal as it gets. Therefore martial arts, and fighting, conditions you to the many different obstacles you face in business settings. It makes you stronger mentally, not as afraid to take action, and above all respectful of other people and cultures. Differences get bridged by martial arts.

I work as a chief communications officer in the Norwegian public sector, dealing with debt collection. In the past I’ve exclusively worked in the private sector in digital marketing and communications, most recently launching my own business

I hope my reflections will give a breath of fresh air to a typical business/lifestyle blog.

I would love to hear from you, so please drop me a note, for whatever reason and I promise I’ll get back to you!



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