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A Kick ass Blog about

Business, Communication & MArtial Arts

Useful tools learned from martial arts applicable to professional work and other aspects of life

The way of the keyboard warrior. My goal is that this blog will give you new perspective and help you make decisions.

I’m a fighter at heart. I love the trials and tribulations and the utter exhaustiveness of training. The primal instinct to fight and defend yourself fascinates me. It’s meditation. It’s a total break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, devoted to the luminescent screens that almost fully and completely demand our attention every waking hour.

Among a lot of things, fighting teaches you about humbleness, empathy, confidence, and perseverance. All qualities I think you need in an ever-changing business world.

Fighting has taught me more about my self, and other people than I could ever have imagined. And I use a lot of the teachings, and experiences from the mats and dojo to everyday life events and business situations. I hope that you, in turn, find something useful through this, and most of all that you find your way to the nearest dojo, start training and improving yourself.

Hands up, chin down, eyes forward.

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